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Updated: Mar 2, 2021

After losing my first baby in 2015, I found a passion for creating artwork through images and dreamed of making my way into the world of photography. Who am I as an artist? I'm that girl who posts too many photos but regrets not taking more. I'm a visionary artist, and a storyteller of images. I am sappy and emotional but use that in my art as an expression of myself and passion.

What's My Style?

I am a natural light, lifestyle and wedding photographer. My editing style is more on the dark and moody side. I love color and contrast and bringing out the real emotion from my clients. For my on-location sessions, I will pose clients looking at the camera for a few of the traditional smile-at-the-camera shots, but I primarily focus on the candid, sometimes prompted, images. Along with lifestyle sessions, I also have a home-studio where I specialize in posed newborn photography. Newborns fuel my soul with love and being able to snuggle them while being a part of their first set of memories is beyond rewarding. When moms tell me how much they love the canvas of their favorite image above the crib or how the entire family is obsessed with their baby's album, I feel blessed to have been able to give them those priceless items of their sweet little loves.

Why The Rainbows?

Rainbows hold a special place in my heart. After losing our son, I was in a very dark place and while I was ready to be a mom, God had a different plan for me. My husband and I agreed to have another baby right away, not to replace our baby Edward, but to fill our hearts with happiness after so much grief had taken our smiles away. A baby born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss is referred to as a Rainbow Baby. A rainbow baby is not a replacement but a glimmer of hope and happiness after the storm. My rainbow baby Myra gave me hope and gave me a reason to get up in the morning when I thought I'd never be happy again. Rainbows inspire me to look for the good after the storm and remind me that better days are just around the corner. My children are the reason I became a photographer. My business name, Angels and Rainbows Photography, is named for my angel in heaven and my rainbow here with me. Wanting to capture every moment with our rainbow, I received my camera as a birthday gift from my parents in 2016 and from there my passion grew. It turned into more than just a way to capture my own memories but a business where I could help others create precious moments and relive them for years to come. I have met so many beautiful families as a photographer and some of my very favorite sessions to have are Rainbow Sessions.

Rainbow Sessions and Edits

These are sessions I have for those who would like to remember their loved ones who are no longer here and keep their memory alive though a special image. Typically, my studio Rainbow Sessions are of newborns and babies who have an older sibling in heaven. Below is a photo of Rainbow Baby Grace, one of my first official rainbow clients. I was honored to be able to take this image of her for her parents.

Not only do I offer Rainbow Sessions but I offer special Rainbow edits that are an add-on for any session. Below is an image I created for my sister-in-law on her wedding day. Her older brother passed away a few years ago and it was an incredibly difficult thing for her to not have him to walk her down the isle or see her married. I took an image of her brother from my own wedding and photoshopped him into the background along with a lens flair and rainbow that represented him being there with her on her wedding day.

Another memorial edit I had the pleasure to create was for my dearest and closest friend and her family. I met Lindsay during a model call I did and we immediately hit it off. We were both married to men in the military and both had little girls that were just a couple months apart, and we both knew the pain of losing a child. Lindsay and her husband had lost multiple pregnancies before and after they had their daughter Margot. When her husband was about to deploy, she wanted updated family photos before he left and I decided they also needed a photograph that included all of their babies. I did a memorial edit as a gift to them. I am thrilled to be able to say they now have a second rainbow baby, Hazel and she has brought so much happiness to their family.

The Comfort Cub

Something I started in 2019 is my annual Rainbow Sessions where I fundraise money to donate to organizations that help women who have lost a child too soon and/or studies for miscarriage and stillbirth. The Comfort Cub is an organization whose goal is to provide comfort to anyone experiencing a significant loss or trauma. They donate these cubs to hospitals and individuals who have lost a child and have to suffer the pain from going home with empty arms or anyone going through a trauma.

My Rainbow Baby, Myra Rose and our Comfort Cub.

I was given my cub in the hospital after I had my stillbirth. I found the cub incredibly helpful and therapeutic. It went where I went around my house and just carrying it gave me a sense of comfort. It also touched my heart when I read the note that came with my cub that explained how a mother who lost her baby created the weighted bear to give to other moms going through similar loss. I raised just over $500 and wrote my first blog that was published by The Comfort Cub that details the story of my loss and how I found hope and healing. I became an ambassador for them and while I wasn't able to help much during 2020, I will be doing my annual fundraiser in June and donate the proceeds to them and keep sharing about their incredible organization. If you know someone who is suffering from a loss or trauma and would like to donate a cub directly, or if you'd like to donate a case to your local hospital, please visit their site here to shop.

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