Tips for your Newborn Session

NEWBORN PORTRAITS are so important because the first stage of their precious life is so fleeting that you need photographs to capture their every tiny feature. ("They grow up too fast" is a very true statement!) I strive to give every itty-bitty that comes into my studio the perfect first portrait session. Here is a list of tips and suggestions I tell each client before their session date arrives!


The earlier you start thinking of booking the better! When scheduling newborn sessions, I base the booking date on your due date and once baby makes their grand entrance into the world we will schedule an exact day and time for their session! I suggest to booking between days 5 and 10 of their new life. This is because during the first 10 days they are still very sleepy and curled up which makes them easier to pose and take photos of. However, this is not mandatory by any means! NICU stays, recovering from birth, and many other reasons may make scheduling for the first two weeks impossible. While I cannot promise to get certain poses of your baby once they are older than two weeks (they may be awake making certain poses unsafe) I promise I can work with any age baby and will create beautiful images for you!


I do not limit my newborn sessions because babies don't have schedules. They may need to eat and/or be changed 3+ times during a session and that is ok! I am patient and work around you and your little one's needs!


I provide all outfits, props, backdrops, and wraps we will need for your little one's session. However, if you have an item or outfit you would like to bring and have in your photos I welcome it! For example, during a newborn session I had a mother bring a locket with a photo of her late father and it was very important to have him be a part of her daughter's session. I was honored to be able to capture such a special image for her!


As mentioned above, I will provide all props and outfits we will need for your session. I do however suggest packing a few necessities for your baby. One item I suggest is a pacifier, only if you use them of course! These can be a very helpful tool for me if baby is being a little cranky and difficult to get to sleep or calm down. Another thing to keep in mind is baby may need to eat multiple times so make sure to bring plenty of formula and bottles. Even if you feed your itty bitty right before coming to the studio, newborns go through something called Cluster Feeding and sometimes like to eat every hour or two. If you breastfeed and do not use bottles, no problem! You can feed your little one as many times, and for as long, as they need! I can provide a private area for you to nurse if you need as well!


For the most part, your sweet new baby will be the only one in front of the camera. However, I do offer images with mom and dad (and siblings!) if you would like at no additional cost.* My suggestions to parents are wear neutral colors. Too bright of colors can distract from the baby and clash with my backdrops. Also, too many accessories will take away the spotlight of your newborn who is the main focus of the session, so I will ask if you mind taking off large pieces including necklaces and watches/bracelets.

*This only includes in studio family shots. My space is limited so these images will be close up photographs of you and your family!

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